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Health Complex,
16-K, Gulberg III,
Lahore, Pakistan.

The Global Fund The Union (IUATLD) National TB Control Program (NTP) STOP TB Partnership

The Global Fund R-6 Project

Pakistan Anti TB Association had also applied for Global Fund Round - 6 ACSM project as a potential Sub Recipient of the Grant.

Realizing the overwhelming importance and extremely felt need of ACSM activities regarding TB, Pakistan Anti TB Association took the lead in holding 1st International ACSM Workshop for Master Trainers from 1-3 September, 2007 in Lahore under the auspices of IUATLD-SEAR . The workshop was attended by the honourable delegates from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Afghanistan and representatives of Public & Private TB Partners. Dr. Syed Karam Shah WHO Medical Officer for Afghanistan was kind enough to spare his precious time as resource person for the workshop.

The GFATM R-6 project started in October, 2007 in response to the approval of proposal of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The goal of the program is “to drastically reduce the burden of TB in Pakistan by 2015 in line with the Millennium Development Goals and the Stop TB Partnership targets”

The project has following five objectives:
Objective 1: To pursue high-quality DOTS through countrywide quality assured bacteriology. (PR: NTP)
Objective 2: To implement DOTS in Tertiary care hospitals in Public sector. (PR: NTP)
Objective 3: To empower people with TB, and Communities (Advocacy, Communication and Social mobilization). (PR: Mercy Corps)
Objective 4: To address TB/HIV and Drug resistant TB. (PR: NTP)
Objective 5: To strengthen NTP for effective programme implementation. (PR: NTP)
Pakistan Anti TB Association (PATA) is an implementing partner (SR) for objective 3:
“To empower people with TB, and communities (Advocacy Communication and Social Mobilization)” -one picture of six events each)
Project Setting
Project is being implemented by PATA in 15 districts of the Punjab.