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Abstracts are invited for two categories:

Oral abstract session
Poster presentation

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Abstracts accepted for presentation will be notified by emails.
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Abstract should be submitted online on the given format.
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Abstract Guidelines:
» All abstracts must be original research and has not been presented elsewhere.
» Abstract should not exceed 500 words.
» It should be submitted in English only. Interpretation will not be available at the conference.
» All abstracts will be reproduced in the form they were submitted. Kindly proof read them before submission.
» Duration of presentation of abstract is 20 minutes.

Abstract should be written under following headings:
Category: Oral abstract or Poster presentation.
Tracks: Tracks for abstract are given below in list of Tracks:
Abstract Title: Title should be in upper and lower case, using capitals only for the first word and proper nouns.
Background: Should state the study objectives, hypothesis/ importance.
Design/Methods: Should contain study design, setting, procedures used to collect data and statistical analyses.
Results / Conclusions: Should state implications, significance and recommendations

Instructions for Poster Presentation

• Posters should be 100 cm (1 meter) wide and 200 cm (2 meter) high.
• Background should be white
• Should be formatted in APA style
• Should be readable from a distance of 4 feet.
• Should not be printed on heavy materials that fall off easily.
• All poster presentation sessions will be held in specified poster area. Schedule of poster presentation session will be notified.
• Authors of the poster must be in front of their poster and should be ready to answer any questions during their allocated session time.
• Any author unable to attend their poster presentation must notify at the provided email at least one month before the date of presentation

Tracks for abstract:

A- Tuberculosis (DS-TB and DR-TB)
A1. Epidemiology
A2. Immunology/bacteriology
A3. Vaccine/drugs
A4. Diagnostics
A5. Case finding/ contact tracing
A6. Policy making /Funding/Programmatic implementation
A7. Prevention / Treatment and Evaluation
A8. Paediatric TB
A9. Patient care/Ethics/Cultural & Sociological Issues
A10.Latent TB

B- TB and Comorbidities(Diabetes and HIV)
B1- Diabetes
B2 - HIV
C- Smoking/Tobacco control
D- Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM)
E- Zoonotic TB
G- Asthma
H- Pneumonia
I- Other lung diseases

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