Conference Overview

About the Conference

SEAR conference is held every two years in one of the SEAR countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar). This time the SEAR conference is being held in Lahore March 2020.
The theme of this year’s conference is “Accelerate to End TB and Smoking”.
The conference envisages to enhance capacities of professionals working in the field of Tuberculosis.
SEAR Conference will provide a unique platform for experience sharing, and sharing of information and ideas for future TB programs.

Pakistan Chest Society
National TB Control Program Pakistan
Provincial TB Control Program Punjab
Stop TB Partnership Pakistan

Event: The 4th Conference of The Union South-East Asia Region
Date: March 2020 (Date to be Announced later)
Venue: Hotel Pearl Continental, Mall Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Host: Pakistan Anti TB Association (PATA)
Inauguration:   Day 1 => 5:00pm.
Scientific Sessions:   Day 2 => 9:00am to 5:00pm
Scientific Sessions:   Day 3 => 9:00am to 5:00pm.
Closing Ceremony:   Day 4 => 1:00pm to 2:00pm.
 Conference Secretariat:
  Pakistan Anti TB Association;
  Health Complex, 16-K, Gulberg 3,Lahore 54660, Pakistan
Phone: (+92)-42-35756986;
Website: www.patba.org
E-mail: sear.conference2019@patba.org

Message from President PATA/Chairman Organizing Committee:

Dear friends and Colleagues:

I feel apex-touching honor and enviable dignity in extending my heart felt welcome to you to attend The 4th Conference of The Union South-East Asia Region March 2020, at the Hotel Pearl Continental, the Mall Road, Lahore (The City of Gardens). I along with my colleagues of Pakistan Anti TB Association always longed for such optimism spreading target oriented opportunity that is absolutely noble and cause based. It has made possible for us to host hundreds of medical professionals, research scientists, social workers as well as Governmental and non-governmental officials.It is the ultimate objective of the conference to build better understanding for the eradication of Tuberculosis. The ambition of my life is to bridge the gap between the developed countries and the Eastern Region. I am quite sure,this conference will enable us to formulate the strategic and coordinated mechanism to combat this dreadful disease which causes colossal damage in the form of morbidity and deaths of millions of lives annually in the world, especially in SAARC countries which comprise approximately 1/4th population of the world. The participants will also enjoy an enchanting atmosphere to visit multi-cultural, metropolitan city of Lahore which is recognized worldwide by the dint of its historical buildings, vision-broadening monuments and cultural heritage that reflects the pivotal elegance of this subcontinent. I invite you with immense pleasure to participate in The 4th Conference of The Union South-East Asia Region. I, my colleagues and well-wishers look forward to seeing you. This event will definitely strengthen our never ending determination to save millions of lives from the cruel clutches of TB. “A stitch in time saves nine”. In the end, I am obliged to ‘The Union’under whose auspices this conference is being held.I am also thankful to the Pakistan Chest Society, National TB Control Program Government of Pakistan,Provincial TB Control Program Government of Punjab, and Stop TB Partnership Pakistan.

Ch. Nawaz

Ch. Muhammad Nawaz

President PATA
Chairman organizing committee
Member CCM
President South Eastern Region of The Union
Member Board of Directors of The Union Paris.
Coordinator Stop TB Pakistan Punjab Chapter

Message from Chairman Scientific Committee:

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It is my great pleasure and honor to extend a warm welcome to all the participants on this international Conference to be held on March 2020 in the vibrant city of Lahore, Pakistan. This will surely be a mega event in the field of pulmonology with participants ranging from renowned chest physicians and surgeons of the country to eminent international delegates. The International Conference hosts a four-day scientific programme and serves as a vital meeting place for all those working on every aspect of lung health. The conference will provide a platform for the latest science and policy discussions that will inform public health measures grounded in human rights. Moreover, this Conference on Lung has become the premier platform not only for the presentation of new science, but also for unique networking opportunities. I believe that the conference will contribute tremendously towards the improvement, dissemination and exchange of knowledge related to pulmonology and tuberculosis. It will strengthen the hands of friendship between the delegates from different places. Lahore is a historic city, rightly known as the heart of Pakistan and famous for its lively people, delectable cuisines, colorful culture and beautiful gardens. I wish all of you to have a very happy stay in Lahore and a safe journey back home. We shall try our best to look after you and hope that you will go back with pleasant memories from this beloved city and country Pakistan. Tuberculosis in Pakistan is rampant and drug resistant tuberculosis is very severe problem which if not treated in time can lead to severe consequences. Smoking is also a big problem of the SEAR especially Pakistan. So theme of the conference is “Accelerate to end TB and smoking SEAR”.

Khalid Waheed

Prof. Khalid Waheed,

Chairman Scientific Committee.
President Pakistan Chest Society Punjab.
Head of Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine Department.
PGMI/AMC Lahore General Hospital Lahore.